A-Level Biology Personal Statement

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Our body is one of the most astounding things on earth. We have an innumerable amount of cells that are aimed to carry out operations with absolute accuracy. Researching deeper into the complex organism, which is our body is something I would enjoy doing as a career.

My fascination for cells and our physiology are developed through my subjects. A-level biology has honed my analytical skills and it allowed me to learn new and advanced concepts about biology, such as the intricate nature of respiration involving cells and various molecules and enzymes. Studying A-level chemistry has refined my logical competence and introduced me to the concept of the dynamic equilibrium, which help stabilize our body 's environment. While A-level psychology has developed my debating and application skills for example applying research and studies to particular theories. I 'm also undertaking an EPQ, which is about Malaria and what is the biggest factor that contributes to its varying mortality rate. Doing this project has helped me improve my independent research and gathering of complex data on both primary and secondary source. A skill which I could utilize for this degree, I was also able to expand my knowledge on the types of malaria prevention strategies, the vaccines they use and how the vaccines keep evolving due to possibilities of vaccine resistant species of malaria by reading articles, researching statistics from the World Health Organization and reading books such as "The fever" by Sonia Shah.

Volunteering as a medical technologist assistant and shadowing a surgeon at St. Raphael Medical Foundation a private hospital in the Philippines, have shown me how vital biomedical
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Doing this degree and becoming a future Biomedical scientist will not only broaden my knowledge of the human body, but give me a deeper understanding into why it works the way it does. I am an optimistic, flexible and enthusiastic student looking forward to study Biomedical science at

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