A-Level Mathematics: A Personal Statement Of Purpose

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Business involves analysing every detail using logic and objective reasoning in making a competent decision. With the progression of technology leading into the future, both the theoretical and practical aspects of IT and business are combined, which makes it extremely appealing to me, as both are so closely integrated. My analytical and problem-solving nature stems from my study of A-level Mathematics, where complicated equations must be assessed and logical steps are needed to be taken to solve problems statistically. I believe my study of Math’s is extremely important in business as it can be used to give an understanding of how to interpret and use financial data. My passion and curiosity in increasing knowledge in the field of Mathematics lead me to…show more content…
I also attend martial arts classes in North Woolwich, where I am taught Muay Thai boxing, which is enjoyable, physically demanding and overall a great support in self-discipline. During Christmas, I obtained a part-time job at John Lewis, in Stratford, where I had various roles such as; working on the tills, helping with customer queries and occasionally greeting customers at the entrance. During my time, I have gained much experience in working in the real world, and dealing with the occasional angry customer which further increased my skills in communication. The Christmas Eve and Boxing Day shopping rush greatly increased my skills in coping while working under pressure, leaving customers very pleased with the service. I acknowledge myself to be an extremely hard-working individual, and am looking forward to all the challenges I may face, mentally and socially. I believe 100% that my chosen subject will be my foundation for a successful career in the Business

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