A Liberal Education Analysis

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What is education? What does it mean to be an educated individual? People go to a liberal education institution all the time, but what is liberal education? How does a liberal education affect us in the long run? Liberal education is such an important aspect that all people should have.

Sadly, most high schools do not have the option for many academically inclined people to have creative classes. I have fallen victim to this, unfortunately. In my high school years, I took many high-level classes like AP and honors. This took up a lot of my time, but I always found time for my after school theater and volunteer work. But I was also wanting vocational classes and to find something I love. I wanted to take a video/ audio tech class, but it
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This liberal education gives Finland an advantage in education. Finland also comes up on top in math. There is no dropout rate in Finland. Surprisingly, Finland does not focus on standardized testing. While in America, we do focus on standardized testing that also focuses on certain disciplines. Standardized testing has pros and cons. Pro, standardized testing tells you if you actually understand the material. Even though there are so many other factors that affect whether you actually did retain the information. America also has a dropout rate of 6.5 in 2014. The dropout rate is caused by many things differing from person to person. One theory is that actually that students are just not doing well, so they actually just choose to drop out. Another well-known reason for the higher dropout rate is because of a poor family structure. Could be either a person got pregnant or the family at home just needs more help so rather than the child going to school to get a better job they are sent to work at a young age to help provide for their…show more content…
So, who actually has the upper hand when it comes into being more educated? It is actually dependent on what you are going for, but the United States has a major advantage in the long run. We have many inventors and a well rounded creative population. We have these because of the education system, giving us a liberal education. You are going to need those business skills, social skills, writing skills in the long run, as well as in most professions in which the student acquires through the liberal education given to them.

In conclusion, mastery is the result of flow and affect what we learn and how in depth we learn it. Liberal education is such a very important thing because of the way it teaches us about everything. Being educated is being a well-rounded person. Teaching people seems complicated on the surface, but it actually is not. People are very diverse and that is what makes it harder for teachers. All they need to do is identify that people have many differences in their learning
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