A Life Of Tragedy: Mahatma Gandhi's Life

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Introduction “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Uttered by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, this quote symbolizes a life of pain. A life of Tragedy. A Life of Victory. His life. Mohandas or Mahatma as he was more commonly known, fought for racial justice in South Africa and freedom for India from Britain. He wasn't the brightest in school or the best looking, but he overcame hardship and, through countless hours of peaceful protest, achieved independence for a land of the hopeful. India. Mahatma Gandhi was a very small person at 5,2’ and 110 pounds. ‘Still his influence was immeasurable. He could turn a quiet speech into a nationwide call to action.’ Despite lack of intelligence in school Mahatma Gandhi overcame adversity and became the biggest proponent in India's freedom. Family and origins October 2nd 1869 was a day that a great soul was born, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, in…show more content…
Gandi gladly helped because Indians had any benefits of the british empire so they should help their rulers. He and the Indian troops also believed that serving in the army would achieve them equality and more freedom but it did not. During the war Gandhi started a small community of about 230 people. They decided to live simply and to refrain from meat. Gandhi was very open to all people in this community and accepted everyone. The salt march Salt was a necessity in indian life and when the british imposed harsh taxes on salt that would not stand. After 3 months of tiresome planning Gandhi and his 78 followers started their 240 mile walk on March 12, 1930 to get salt from the shore of the Arabian sea. After their 24 day journey they reached the Arabian sea on April 6th. As soon as they reached Gandhi deliberately broke a law by scooping sea salt over his head this act of defiance sparked India's freedom and is arguably the most amazing act Gandhi did.
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