A Lion's Long Way Home By Saroo Brierly

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"Only those who risk going too far can find out how far they can go." 'T.S Elliot). Even though being vulnerable is a risk, people can often move on and handle difficult situations through vulnerability. Lion's Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly is about an adopted boy who thinks back on traumatic memories from his life before adoption. "I Went to Korea to Find My Past" by Cosmo Girl contains the story of a woman searching for her biological mother. "Aidan T’s Story" gives an overview of Aidan's recovery from substance abuse. In "A Lion's Long Way Home'' by Saroo Brierly, I Went to Korea to Find My Past" by Cosmo Girl, and "Aidan Ts Story'' by Cedars, these kind-hearted people all risked their emotional well-being and soon benefited from it. Lion's …show more content…

Saroo becomes vulnerable by remembering his past. He is vulnerable because if he gives up his past, it helps him move on with his future, but he refuses because he thinks his memories are a part of him. His "memories were all I had of my past, and privately I thought of them over and over, trying to ensure I didn't forget." (Brierly). In a way, his memories deliver hope. Although it is a risk to hold on to these memories without knowing the outcome, Saroo keeps the hope that maybe one day he will find his past. Whether those are his biological parents or his hometown, later in the book, Saroo realizes that "knowing my past benefits my future" (Brierly). However sad, he took the emotional risk of holding onto harsh memories, good and bad. He moves on in life, knowing what he has and appreciating his new life." I Went to Korea to Find My Past" by Cosmo Girl, the person it was based upon, Catherine Fish, decides to learn who her birth mother is and if she can find her. Not knowing the outcome, Catherine takes the chance to look for her …show more content…

Usually, the greater the risk, the greater the consequence, or in this case, the reward. She knows her past rather than always questioning it. This helps her move on fully and focus on her future. Aidan T. was a drug addict. His main push toward becoming clean was his twin brother dying of an overdose. He took drugs specifically to escape his intrusive thoughts. Aidan didn't know that there were other coping mechanisms for feeling worthless and misplaced. When he was clean, he felt those ways, but he still chose to get better, which is a risk. Since Aidan has been clean, he's realized it's better to "pick life every day; to live for myself and the people. I love to help others" (Cedar) Therefore, he now lives a healthy life, appreciates himself, and has learned suitable coping mechanisms. In summary, these three texts all show benevolent people who stepped out of their comfort zone and benefited in doing so. All of these texts exemplify taking risks and getting partially rewarded. Meaning that they get rewarded, but it's not the reward they expected, and they also find out the somewhat sad news. Saroo Brierly learns a ton more about his culture and embraces it

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