A Literary Analysis Of Alice Hoffman's Incantation

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Literary Analysis of Incantation

Alice Hoffman 's powerful story takes place during such a hard time; the Spanish Inquisition in which our protagonist, Estrella de Madrigal faces an arduous decision between her best friend and the Spaniards.“Estrella de Madrigal thought she knew herself: daughter, granddaughter, dearest friend. But the truth is rare in this cruel, unforgiving century in Spain.” In the novel “Incantation,” Alice Hoffman has developed a meaningful yet a ubiquitous theme of how the infamous jealousy can destroy a person in many forms uses the literary devices such as simile and personification. Hoffman 's use of simile develops the theme that jealousy can destroy a person in many forms.In the beginning of the novel, Estrella describes her childhood friend. She talks about Catalina’s amazing character. In fact, Estrella states that “ Catalina and I were so close nothing could come between us. We had been best friends from the time we were babies.,” Catalina and I had been given similar pet names, I had been called Raven and Catalina had been Crow. (Hoffman 5 ) At the point when the novel starts, Estrella resembles like an ordinary teenager: she has the closest companion named Catalina, She dreams of being deep-rooted companions with Catalina, and anticipates raising a family of her own. In any case, one day, the majority of that progression. Estrella 's fellowship with Catalina ends up noticeably over Andres. Catalina 's cousin, whom she intends to marry.
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