A Literary Analysis Of Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Literary analysis of Anthem
The book Anthem, by Ayn Rand,takes place in a weird futuristic society where are people are not given choices and have their jobs and there life planned out for them.In this novel,the main charter,Equality is given the job of street sweaper, witch he is not happy about becuase he is smart and likes to envent things.Equality,also has a crush on this girl,who he calls the golden one,even thought there relationship is forbiden they still try to talk as much as they can.Ayr Rand trys to show the relashship of the crarters,by showing how dependent they are to each outher in the beginning,but by the end they are independent.
One reason how the story shows this is that,at the beginning you know the characters are very dependent
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And to earn my love,my brothers must do more than to have been born.”(96)As you can see towards the end Equality totally becomes independent from the society and starts to have his own opinions.I think this is a big part of information for Aye Rans message on how you should just care about yourself.
In the end of the book,Equality and The Golden One realize how they don 't need society anymore and go to live up in a house in the woods where they can become independent.Then he talks about all he has discovered about himself and how his brothers have to earn his love to be apart of his life and how everybody should not be equal.I think how Aye Ran ends the story is very interesting because she goes over a lot of life messages and her opinions on life.Also I think this message is a huge part of Equality and The golden ones relationship and it changes the outcome of the book a
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