A Literature Of Place Barry Lopez Summary

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In the essay, “A Literature of Place”, by Barry Lopez focuses on the topic of human relationships with nature. He believes human imagination is shaped by the architectures it encounters within life. Lopez first starts his essay with the statement that geography is a shaping force for humans. This shaping force is what creates our imagination; the shaping force is found within nature. Everything humans see within nature is remembered, thus creating new ideas and thoughts for our imagination. Lopez also states that humans should not be isolated in the universe. Therefore saying that people need to get out and explore the world, or to open yourself to new adventures. Exploring new things bring the connection between relationships and happiness that humans need.…show more content…
He states without human imagination there would be no stories to tell; how could stories be told if we had to memories or imagination? Past memories bring the power to the stories humans all tell. Lopez says that with the influence of nature in our past it brings more of a physical thought to humans stories. In conclusion, what Lopez is trying to convey through his essay is human imagination is made by our past memories and relations with nature. In my opinion, I think the essay “A literature of Place” was a nice writing with good ideas. Lopez went into a lot of detail with all of the thoughts he had, so it was easier to understand what he was talking about. Nature in his point of view seemed a little weird to me. Lopez stated that you needed an intimate relationship with nature; I don’t think that relationship is necessary. Yes I love nature and I have many great memories from it, but I don’t see it was an intimate type of love. Another thing I enjoyed about his essay was how he totally related our minds with nature. For example, Lopez says that our imagination is carved by the things we have experienced in
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