A Little Histroy Of The Wolrd Analysis

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If we analyle all the events in the book “a little histroy of the wolrd” we will find something in common with the events that take place. some of the eventa tend to repeat, sim ilar siruations occur in different time periods. History always repeats itself, and i completely agree. Gombrich said it himself “...it is nearly always the unpleasant things that are repeated,over and over again.” Even in our day to day lives history is repeating itself. We may not realize, but if we compare our lives and choices to those of people in ancient times, we would notice that they are very similar. On page 83 “in the eyes of the Romans they were good for only one thing: paying up.” On page 125 its states “charlemange attacked them too forcing some to join his army and others to pay him annual tribute.” People will continue to do what they think will impact themselves in the best way no matter how it affects others. People don’t change and that proves why history repeats itself. We continue to do what we please.Page 159 “anyone perceived to be a heretic was publicly burned alive, just like the christians in Nero’s time.” Again history proving to…show more content…
alexander the great wanted a single vast empire. page 83 says “it would never have occured to the romans to do what alexander the great had done. they had no wish to turn the lands they conqured into a single vast empire.” Charlemagne wanted to do the same as alexander the great. “...his goal: to bring all these various germanic tribes and duchies together under his rule and forge them into a single people.” page 125. these parts of the book show us that in history sometimes people want complete power weather its for the good or the bad. alexander wanted to build roads and wanted to change the face of the world with his military campains. although charlegmange just wanted power over everyone they both still wanted to bring people under one rule for their own
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