A Long Walk To Water Character Analysis

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In order to survive our adversities some of us need survival factors. For instance, Salva Dut from “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park needed survival factors in order to survive his adversities. This book is nonfiction and explains the story of Salva Dut-Ariik and what he did to survive. Salva used many survival factors such as bravery, hope and determination. Salva needed bravery. He found it in himself and used it to get out of the difficult position he was forced into. To demonstrate, the book says, “He knows it will be hard for me, Salva realized. He does not want to leave me there, but he has to go back and fight for our people. I mustn’t act like a baby I must try to be strong” (60). Salva never wanted his uncle to leave him but he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop his uncle from leaving. He then decided to show uncle he could be brave and live on his own. You must understand that Salva is only little at this point in the book and the fact that he has to already live for himself and be brave is startling. Even though he is still very small, he still has bravery. To add on the book states, “Beneath his terrible sadness he felt stronger.”(65) He used his sadness as a reason to keep going. Even though he feels sad at this moment, he pushes through and feels like he has something to prove. Obviously if he made it this far, then he has to have a lot of bravery. Salva uses bravery especially when he is trying to cross the Gilo river. Another way Salva
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