A Long Walk To Water

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If I was able to talk to someone from “A Long Walk to Water”, then I would talk to Salva. I would talk to Salva because I am very interested in his story. Salva’s story is very intense. The war had made him lose his family. The war had also put Salva, and his entire village in danger. For Salva, the war was a really big event in his life that can affect him in many ways. I would ask Salva how he felt about the big war. I would of asked him is he was sad, or upset about losing his family. According to the text,” A Long Walk to Water”, it says “ These people were Dinka too! could his family be among them.?”. Salva had hope, that his family was there. he had really wanted to see them again.I would really like to ask him how he felt about the villagers leaving him behind. A very interesting thing that I would like to ask Salva, is how he felt about the old woman that he had found. After Salva had been helping her out, she had just kicked him out. and had left him on his own.…show more content…
I think that he would reply by saying that he felt angry, and upset with all of the villagers leaving him behind. Salva would probably respond by also saying that he was very depressed about losing his family during the war. I’d ask him whether or not the war was the most devastating event that had happened in his life. If I ever was able to ask Salva all of these questions, then I would gladly ask him every single one of them. I would really have a lot of deep questions for Salva if I had the chance to meet
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