A Long Walk To Water Quotes

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Salva’s Survival Have you ever survived through something that may killed others, Salva had been through a lot of tough things that tried to kill him when he was traveling to Kenya. There are many factors that helped Salva survive in Sudan such as strength, leadership, and persistence. There are many ways that strength helped out Salva in ‘’A Long Walk to Water’’. Salva’s toe nail came off and he was tough to endure the pain. The pain was terrible Salva tried to bite his lip, that never- ending day was too much for him (53). .Another way Salva showed strength is when he lost his family but still kept going. He thought about them often. As Salva walked the same a thought came to his head. ‘’ where is my family? ‘’When will I see them again’’…show more content…
Salva, in the book it started that led about 1500 boys (80). Another way he showed leadership is he started the water for Sudan program. He was drilling many wells for his own people this year he decided to drill for Nuer (115). Salva had leadership because he made the idea to cross the river. Three shots ran out, Salva knew that both would were him to survive and reach the refugee camp in Kenya safely (63). There are some ways that Salva showed persistence. Salva’s uncle told Salva to go to Ethiopia and never stop. Salva knew that his uncle has wanted and Salva walked a long way to Ethiopia (68). Another way Salva showed persistence is Salva didn’t have water but he kept going through the hot desert. Salva walked and walked many miles without water in the desert (73). Salva walked through the desert and kept going. Many lost boys never stopped heading to Kenya (78). Strength, leadership, and persistence helped Salva survive in Sudan. That’s why Salva showed experience in A Long Walk to Water. Salva’s survival was too tough for him when he was walking in the desert without water. Salva was a good leader when he led his group to Kenya. Salva did a good job surviving in the desert him and his group and they made it to the refugee camp in
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