A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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When a boy gets lost at a grocery store, he will usually start looking around for his mother. If he does not find his mother, he will run through the aisles and yell his mother’s name. He will eventually think he has lost his her forever and start crying. Not until his mother shows up and there he is happy—as if nothing ever happened. They go home to their house and their joyous family and live a happy life. The same applies to the children of Sierra Leone, where they were separated from their families—however, these children will never end up finding their families, they will never have a happy life again, and will never remember how it felt to be loved or cared for by someone. The 1991 Sierra Leonean civil war split children from their families and forced them to survive on their own—without any supervision. Many children were either captured by the rebels or were forced to join the military and fight the rebels. Nearly all “strong” children forced to endure many painful situations and commit immoral acts. All children who were not recruited were killed because they were too “weak”.

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