A Long Way Gone Character Analysis Essay

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Peyton Poovey A1 9/25/15 In the novel “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah, Ishmael has his mind pulled in conflicting directions by compelling desires, ambitions, obligations, or influences. The constant struggle to remain sane was a very real problem for Ishmael. These harsh experiences greatly affected the kind of man he is today. When the terrors of war abruptly entered Ishmael’s life, Ishmael was only a young boy, leaving him with little wisdom and vulnerable to influence. Left alongside his brother, Junior Beah, and friends, Ishmael is forced to become his own man. This amount of pressure from such harsh decision making wore away the happy young boy he once was. Ishmael eventually became addicted to drugs, something that only made his scars more visible and his functionality…show more content…
Ishmael's other savior was rap music. As a child, Ishmael knew he was a good performer, but throughout the years of sorrow and drugs, Ishmael had lost his connection. The combination of self expression through Rap, and Esther as a motherly figure was the best rehabilitation for Ishmael possible. The mental struggle that Ishmael faced at a young age boggled his mind through influence, desires, ambitions, and obligations. Ishmael did have his mind pulled bit by bit, and he was influenced and obligated, but he successfully fought through the suffering and came out better for it. Ishmael believed that more people should know about the horrors of the situation, so much so that he was inspired and created his novel to inform us about his life and to reach out to those in the same situation he was Peyton Poovey A1 9/25/15 in. Had Ishmael made it to the U.S. without a scratch or sacrifice it would've been just another story to tell at the local pub. It was this mental tearing and scarring that inspired him to inform others that things like this are really happening in the
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