A Long Way Gone Movie Analysis

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There are many differences and similarities between the film The Inevitable Defeat of Pete and the memoir A Long Way Gone. The first and most obvious is that the movie is fiction and the memoir is not. The memoir focuses on Ishmael Beah’s personal experience and the movie is a fictional story someone came up with. The memoir has factual events regarding Ishmael’s life while the film is a fictional story that provides some insight and awareness into that specific environment. The film shows absolute, economic and educational poverty. The memoir focuses on bodily, mental, economic, educational, and societal poverty. Both the film share both similarities and differences regarding poverty.
The two stories are vastly different regarding where they take place. The memoir takes place in Africa during time of ongoing war. The film narrative takes places in the rough neighborhoods of New York City. Both kids experience economic poverty. Both Mister and
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In A Long Way Gone, Beah’s culture holds family very dearly, and their is much love and respect for one’s family. In fact, one main reason Beah keeps on his journey is in hope to see his family once more. Mister in the film however, has a very different outlook on family. His mother who doesn’t provide enough and is a drug addict, is someone who he does not respect. Mister calls her out on her actions, and gets mad that she has been saying she’s trying to get things together for a long time. There is a moment in the film when Mister tells Pete that “You can’t help but love your mom, but you don’t have to like her.” Mister doesn’t have love for his mother, while Beah wishes his mom was still alive. The different circumstances they face fuel their different perspectives on family, and it reveals how different opinions reveal around the world. Many people have different experiences throughout their lives that fuel their perspectives on life, people, and the world in
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