A Long Way Gone Quotes Analysis

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Hiba Shaqra A Long Way Gone: Typed Reading Log Key Quote Insightful Comment Discussion Question “Perhaps it was necessary he This quote depicts Ishmael’s first Does Ishmael end up cling to false hopes, since they war experience. A child, clearly using this tactic, this had kept him running away dead, had lain in front of him. He idea (false hope), to from harm (Page 13)”. attempts to understand the push through the reasoning behind why one war? If so… how? pretends all is well, even though the opposite is true. Ishmael had not yet been introduced to the tragedies that would come with war. “My Grandmother once told me Throughout the story, Ishmael Why does he do this? A story about a notorious hunter recalls…show more content…
before our wishes could meet the mood of the story. He states them. Under these stars and sky that the sky is crying and the I used to hear stories, but now it moon is hiding. This is similar to seemed as if it was the sky that him, as the sky crying symbolizes was telling us a story as its stars his sadness toward the war. The fell, violently colliding with each moon hiding symbolizes how other. The moon hid behind clouds he himself wants to escape the to avoid seeing what was war and the tragedy within. happening (Page
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