A Lot Has Changed From The 1930's To Today

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A lot has changed from the modern age to today. Poetry isn’t as big as it used to be back in the 50’s and 60’s. Today everyone likes television and technology. Technology runs our world and our social lives. It also runs politics. Everyone is always on social media talking about candidates or putting up pictures or videos of debates. Candidates use social media and electronics to influence people and persuade them. Politics are run through social media and if a political candidate is not on social media he or she will not be recognized as much. The economy has changed a lot too. Through the 1930’s there was the Great Depression. This was an awful economic time for everyone. Today everyone is using their money for outrageous stuff. Most people want to look the best, have the best stuff, and have the nicest cars. Celebrities blow their money on anything and everything just to start trends or look better than someone else. Although not all celebrities waste their money or spend it in odd ways, some donate it to charity or use it to help others.…show more content…
Back in the modern times gays were not accepted at all but now they fit in and some states have even allowed gay marriage. The music of the culture has changed a lot too. Today people listen to rock, rap, or country while back in the day they used to listen to classical or different types of music. The culture has changed but i 'm not sure if it is for the better or the
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