A Love Story: The Story Of A Love Story

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“Completely! Don’t worry” Jagan smiled amd said. He opened the door. Cold air came into the room. The smell of tobacco went off. Jagan returned with in 10 minutes, After,his regular surveillance. He informed me that the party was over and guests went to rest. “If you are filling bore, you can go to sleep.” Jagan told. “I will not move without listing the complete story. Tell me how you met Ziana. Tell your love story.” “Love story!” Jagan smiled. He sat on the bed in a lazy manner. “Befor Ziana I met another interesting person. In prison we met Alfred. He was convicted for smuggling foreign articles. The man was arrested red handed trafficking foreign goods in Kolkata’s port area.” Jagan said. “Kolkata port was smuggling den in 80’s. In Park St. and Esplanade area of Kolkata some people sold foreign good secrets to the pedestrian.” I said. In my early days I used to find them on my way at Park st. The foreign perfumes and Swiss wristwatches were top in demand. Sellers used to cover the product with a handkerchief and offered the passer-by whispering in their ear. After,the India opened its market for foreign companies, especially GATT and Dunkel treaty, those sellers slowly went off. In present days no one would whisper in passer by’s ear that he has an original foreign perfume under his handkerchief. Most of the popular foreign brands are available in shopping malls and shops in Kolkata. “Alfread told us that he Goods used to come through the sea via Colombia, Canada

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