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People discover their career goals in different ways. For me, it was vivid accounts of safeguarding the lives of carpet-bombing pilots during their missions in far-flung war zones. Hearing the stories of my mentor, Dr. Edward Richards, a retired Lockheed Engineer and renowned civics professor, who guided me during my tenure as Venture Crew President of Venture Crew 304, inspired me to become a mechanical engineer. Fulfilling my future starts with a zealous ambition to achieve academic success at Texas A&M University. Upon graduation, I will pursue my dream of a career at Lockheed Martin, where my professional aspirations include becoming a Project Manager, and journeying to new career heights as an executive in the company.
Graduating from A&M would turn my dreams into a reality, as I could then begin my career by constructing fighter plane engines. The Mechanical Engineering College and rigorous Reserve Officers ' Training Corps(ROTC) program at A&M will aid in developing both my mind and body, helping transform me into a man of God. This goal of
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Proving my leadership potential by working with my team, I would practice the lesson taught by my family and friends; “You get out what you put in.” Uniting my team to provide abundant chances for fighter pilots to return home from war, I would continue to aim for a position of greater responsibility. Specifically, an administrative office where I would make the decision to serve my country more fully by defending its integrity from foreign enemies. In conclusion, after attending A&M, building fighter plane engines, and earning an administrative position at Lockheed Martin, I would finish my career by teaching what I had learned to the students of tomorrow. Never failing to remind them, that soon they shall not live their lives based on what others ask of them, but instead what they are willing to ask, and fulfill, of
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