Pearl Harbor Speech Analysis

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December 7th, 1941, 6:32 A.M. Chen looks out at the sea from a small ship heading towards Pearl Harbor. It is a sunny day, all except for the foreboding storm clouds in the distance ahead of him. Standing at the deck, Chen sees the cloud and worries, but at last determines that his crew will be safe until they reach the port of Pearl Harbor. Practicing for his introduction speech he will be presenting in front of a group of businessmen in Pearl Harbor, Chen speaks self-assuredly: “Hello everybody, thanks for your time. At this moment, I will be showing you my self-made cigarettes. I guarantee you that these cigarettes will taste better than any tobacco you have ever experienced.” Chen practices, loudly, to a group of friends he had known at…show more content…
At that moment, Chen did not know that within a few minutes, he might not be existing in this world. Chen instinctively feels that he is currently in grave danger, and with a loud boom, everything fades away to black.
“This is a breaking news! Few minutes ago, Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan!” Bai is shocked as soon as those words spoken from the radio gets inserted into his ears. He was calmly drinking a morning espresso with the other soldiers at the cafeteria when a spontaneous emergency occurred.
“S***,” Bai panicked.
“Why? Any bad news?” Another soldier asked in curiosity.
“Pearl Harbor was just attacked by the Empire of Japan! My father should be there right now on a business trip! He is probably a victim of this attack!” In total shock, Bai found himself unable to breathe. Tears streamed down onto the wooden table before him. He could feel his hands shaking, and his body trembling. Darkness seemed to fall before his eyes as Bai thought of the worst thing that could possibly happen: the death of his father. From what the radio report was telling him, there was a high possibility that Chen was - no. Bai dared not think of the worst possible scenario. In haste, Bai immediately grabbed the telephone next to the table and called the United States Pacific Command headquarters, located in Pearl
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