A & M Personal Statement

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I am seeking to transfer into the Computer Science Department at Texas A&M University as an Indian immigrant. To begin this process, I have been meeting with Dr. Vivek Sarin and Dr. Richard Furuta, advisors in the Computer Science & Engineering Department at Texas A&M; they recommend that I take core classes at Blinn College. My future career goals are to graduate from Texas A&M with a Master of Science in Computer Science and to obtain a job at a company such as Norton or Microsoft. Being an effective problem solver, working well with others, processing information quickly, and not giving up if I fail the first time make me a good fit for Texas A&M University. My interest in computer science was sparked when I was first exposed to a computer eleven years ago when my father came to the United States from India for the first time. My curiosity for computer science was further stimulated when we communicated with my dad using a webcam. During intermediate school, I was enrolled in a Career Connection class. In the class, I created a presentation of what I wanted to major in during college, which was computer science. Exploring my career choices helped to further spark my interest in computer science. A year later, everyone in my family came to America, and we bought another computer here. At first, I did not know…show more content…
I am excited to see how my education will help me to hone my skills further in my chosen field of study. In addition, my long-term goals are to continue my education by attending graduate school and obtaining a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Texas A&M University will be a great place for me to excel. It will provide me with an opportunity to explore who I am and the world around me. I believe I can help the school in research with dedication and passion for the field of computer
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