Value Of Religion

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I guess, everyone will agree that religion is one of the main factors of human history. Is allowed, depending on your views to say that a man without religion would not be a man, and it is possible (and this is also the current point of view) adamantly argue that without it people would be better and more perfect. Religion is the reality of human life, property and the need to perceive it.
The value of religion in the lives of certain individuals, societies and states is different. One has only to compare two people: one is adhere to the canons of a strict and closed sect, and the other - lead a secular lifestyle, and totally indifferent to religion. The same can be applied to different societies and states: some live by strict religious law
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However, there are many similarities. This, above all, the desire for a cleaner, spiritual life that is a life in which there is a higher meaning. Faith is necessary to man as the spiritual principle, which allows it to rise above the ordinary, rise above the ordinary interests and concerns. In addition, it is faith that allows a person to develop the best qualities of his soul, as the regulations of religion, such as the commandments of Jesus Christ, restrain the vices of man and guide him on the path of life. Faith also saves humanity from the greatest of his fear - fear of death and the unknown void, offering him the idea of eternal life as a reward for earthly trials. And the man is on the path of spiritual perfection, pushed this latent hope. Without faith, the person is all alone and defenseless before their fears and immensity of the universe, it is not at all to stay on the edge of a terrible precipice, and fears take hold. It seems to me that the choice of faith must be free and conscious for each person, because no matter how different religions together, all of them - are just different forms of the elevation of the human spirit. The Bible has always been the source of those stories and images for the world literature of different centuries "There were new interpretation of the image of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate, and many others."The Bible - the Book of peoples, because the fate of the people it makes a symbol of all the other" - wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The defining feature of the literary interpretation of the Holy Scripture is depth attention to the source of his creative process of rethinking. The first original notice and didactic interpretation of biblical texts appeared in the period of the Kievan Rus in such works as the "Sermon on Law and Grace"
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