A Memorable Childhood Event: A Memorable Childhood Event

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A Memorable Childhood Event A memorable childhood event I can remember is, when I went to meet my family in Chicago. It was at our first family reunion, well it was my first time going to our family reunion. The family reunion was in Chicago, which was the first time I ever drove and went to Chicago it was July the ninth, tenth, and eleventh of 2010. I really went to meet my uncles and aunts that I never met. I got to work in my uncle car shop that had everything even rats. The best part about it, I got to stay up there for the rest of the summer with my family. Driving to Chicago was a long drive, but it was not the longest road trip I have ever been on. First, we had to get up early in the morning to get everything packed in the truck. Then we had to pack a lot of bags, more like one hundred bags, I start thinking about not going. Finally, we got everything then packed we hit the road, my uncle said it was going to take six hours to get there, but it took longer to get there. My legs started to hurt, and I got tired of looking at corn fields for hours. Then, the drive was so long all you could do was watch television. I do not watch TV at home so it got boring; I just start counting. I went to sleep about six times and we still did not make it there, but at the end it was worth the drive. Later we made it to Chicago. The first place we went to was my grandma sister house. I never met her sister and she says she remember me when I was little. She was
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