Personal Narrative: The Stories, The People

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The Stories, The People. Memorable stories. Memorable people. Looking around the world you see people, of course. Each person has a story. Their story could be about their life, family, a book or anything imaginable on this huge planet. Stories strangers have around the world shape who they are. And the ones you have shape you. Not only are there stories unique but there characteristics are too. When looking at someone you can look at the clothes they're wearing, listen to the language they're speaking, or see the food they are eating. Through their actions I can guarantee they have a story, and each person's story no matter if it's made up in my head or told to me, makes me interested in the world around me and how to live. Events stick…show more content…
I knew he was from Brazil but in my mind his story was that he was an exquisite doll maker who travelled around the world delivering dolls to girls like me. In Turkey there was the coin man. I went on a field trip and we went to a extravagant museum and at the end got to make our own coins. We place our piece of metal on a wooden table and a man stamped it with all his might. Just by this I could tell he was strong and powerful. These people I met for a brief period of time but the brief people don't only make my story book. I could go on for days about my family and friends and how I got to know them with starting out with knowing nothing about them. Friendships and families are a story and evolve the same way everything else in my mind does. It starts off brief and I guess around about what things can be and then as I get to know the thing or person I identify with their stories and how the things that have impacted them have stuck in my head to impact me too. I have too many stories to tell and each story has a significance to me no matter big or small. Their story in my head could be about their life. I make up or that I get involved in create society and the people I like and get to interact with. Knowing other people's stories sometimes I sit back and wonder, do they know
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