A Memorable Wedding Day

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Our wedding is a very special occasion for us, specially my fellow bride. I believe every one of us who wants a memorable wedding day would try to make all preparations perfect, and I am not an exception. My wedding happened five months ago, and I must admit that the preparations were extensive and tedious. I never gave up. I attended all of the preparation schedules. I was with my husband when he checked the reception area, I was hands-on with the invitations and giveaways, and I also did the food testing with my cousin who’s a chef. It was an activity after another. Well, I did not complain. After all, I want my wedding to be near perfect. I want my guests to share the same wonderful experience my husband and I wanted.

Vertex Media is not on my queue of video production studios. As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard about it at first. I let my younger brother to look for an awesome media production to facilitate the wedding coverage from the preparation to the actual wedding day. A month before the scheduled fitting of my wedding gown, my brother introduced me to a creative director who owns a studio. The creative director was so professional. He showed me a lot of pictures and videos with wedding subjects. The quality of the photos and videos was exceptional. I couldn’t ask for more. So we have a deal. They asked me to deposit an initial amount before we start on the video production. So, my husband settled it all so we wouldn’t have any problem. It was a week before the

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