Relationships In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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In A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream two couples face difficulties in love. These pairs are Hermia and Lysander, two Athenian youth, and Titania and Oberon, the king and queen of the fairies. The main focus of the play is the problems that these four face along with the struggles of Demetrius and Helena, but this essay will focus on the first two couples. Hermia and Lysander’s struggles with love are very similar to Titania and Oberon’s except that Hermia and Lysander, being mortals, were negatively affected by the love-in-idleness flower while Titania and Oberon, being magical being themselves, were positively affected by it. The play begins with both couples facing some sort of discord. Lysander and Hermia are in love, but are not allowed to
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