A Million Little Pieces By Oprah Winfrey: A Brief Analysis

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It can be said that the larger part of Frey’s success was due to Oprah Winfrey deciding to place “her book club's coveted seal of approval on A Million Little Pieces” (Bastone, 2006). The act further cemented Frey’s place near the top of the publishing list. Winfrey’s recommendation of the book caused sales to skyrocket and led him to earn millions of dollars. He could afford the kind of luxuries very few authors reach in their lifetime. “Winfrey recognised the book’s appeal to her largely female audience” (Bastone, 2006) as Frey wrote in a way that demonstrated a deep and sweet admiration for the women with whom he shared his time with. Although at times “volatile and vulnerable, chivalrous and brutish” (Bastone, 2006), Frey had become a recovery
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