A Million Little Pieces Chapter Analysis

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In the book A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, he talks about himself going through a psychology drug abuse event. He has had a hard time stopping himself from doing drugs and it caused many accidents in his life to the point where he woke up busted, beaten, bruise and bleeding on an airplane, saved by a doctor and some guys. His drug addiction has gotten him taken to a rehab clinic by his family members who advise it and wants him to get better. Drug addiction is “a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequence.” “Drug addiction, 2012” James meets people in the rehab clinic that helped him work on his issues and inspired him to move forward in life and to do better. Keywords: drug addiction, empathizing, psychology Psychology Drug Abuse James was an alcoholic for ten years and a crack addict for three. He was hurt very badly and was on a flight to Chicago where is parents were waiting for him. He is now on the path to reconstructing his life as his parents token him to a rehabilitation center; after getting him cleaned up and spending sometime in a family cabin. Before entering the building James started to have a small psychological break down…show more content…
In the clinic James made some new friends named Leonardo and Lilly. The trio fall back on each other for support as they go through their recovery journey. Lilly had a dramatic start when she was young. Her mother was high on drugs and let man buy her off and Lilly’s mom introduced her to drugs at a young age so she could sell herself to men too. Lilly and James had an extra connection with each other in the rehab they would met up and make out ignoring the clinic’s rules. Leonard is an older man whose tough is in the rehab center from doing coke. He is very similar to James and makes him feel comfortable to talk to. They can talk about mostly anything of

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