A Misconception About The Walt Disney Company

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A misconception about the Walt Disney Company is that they only operate some of the most visited theme parks around the globe. However they are much more than that. In fact, they are a 27 billion dollar a year global entertainment company started by an American business man by the name of Walt and Roy Disney in 1923(Rack, 2009). The Disney Company has the goal of being a company that recognizes the value that consumers put on family fun by offering several different brands that range from theme parks around the world, family style resorts, a movie production company that has produced some of the most popular animated movies such as; The Lion King, Cinderella and Bambi. They also pride themselves on making fun clean television programs for children on…show more content…
I think many companies find success in America and never really fully develop the US business before trying to expand to other markets. Disney World should be a company in my opinion that is somewhere for people visiting the United States to visit. I would make Disney a staple for America and a place that tourist want to visit multiple times a year. If I were forces to expand the business it would be somewhere like London England. It would be a place that is somewhat similar to the market that America offers. While no culture or place is exactly the same I think American and Englanders are more socially related than most other countries and I think that if Disney World could be duplicated in a country like that leaving key factors in place such as pricing, theme park characters and ticket sales. The cost of developing a theme park and making it successful is always going to be challenging and no project is going to be short of problems but as a company you have to make sure that you are financially in order but the cultural differences have to be taken into consideration and place in the strategic planning and development

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