A Modest Analysis Of George Orwell's 'Shooting An Elephant'

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“Shooting an elephant” and “A modest proposal” are two essays where expresses Orwell’s feelings directly, while Swift presents his feelings through a projector (one who forms schemes or designs) whose attitude is cold and unsympathetic. To begin with, there were be a comparison between the following essays: “Shooting an elephant” and “A modest proposal” and a summary of both essays. During the 1800’s, Great Britain fought several wars against Burma (Myanmar); hoping to secure a better trade route with China. In addition, Myanmar won their independence in 1948. On the other hand, “A Modest proposal” grows out of Swift’s furious indignation, his disgust with English oppression, and Irish corruption and stupidity. Furthermore, Ireland was under the control of England for 500 years and was denied union with England when Scotland received it in 1707. As a result, Ireland continued to suffer under trade restrictions and lack of resources; This situation led Swift to write this satiric essay. Shooting an Elephant is an essay in which the author expresses his feelings about imperialism by using an anecdote. It is an essay mainly contains argument of definition, and evaluation. While in A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift uses irony and satire to boast his proposal of eating Irish children to ameliorate such social problems as poverty and overpopulation.
Moreover, “Shooting an elephant” by George Orwell was published in 1936 (New Writing). This essay describes the experience of an
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