A Modest Proposal

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DESCRIBE THE THESIS, HYPOTHESIS, OR BASIC PREMIS OF THE ARTICLE Due to a mix of family and social circumstances, daily tension has been found in the lives of both young adults and adolescents. However, the researchers wanted to expand their research to find out if adolescents argued with their parents as well as their friends. Through a questionnaire given to three public school, and distributed among 783 ninth grade students, as well as a daily diary in which students wrote if they argued with their parents and friends, the researchers discovered that adolescents experienced more conflict with their peers on days that they argued with their parents or other members of their families, and vice versa. They also discovered that the effects of family conflict spilled over into peer relationships the following day, and two days following. However, peer conflict spilled over into the following day. This study showed that the emotional distress of the adolescents was able to be partially explained by the short-term spillover between family and peer conflict.…show more content…
Five hundred and seventy eight of the students were from a Mexican background, while one hundred and seventy two were Chinese, and one hundred and seventy one were European. Fifty two percent of the students were girls, while forty-eight percent were boys. DESCRIBE THE METHOD/S USED TO EXAMINE THE HYPOTHESIS The researchers chose to use an initial background questionnaire that was given to each of the schools and then the students were asked to use a daily diary checklist that was to be used at the end of each day over a fourteen day period. The students were asked to report their emotions and keep a record of any events had occurred that day with either parents or family members, friends, or significant others. DESCRIBE THE
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