A Modest Proposal Satire Analysis

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“I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.”-Frank A. Clark (Psychology Today). A man named Jonathan Swift saw many problems in his government and society. He realized it needed to be fixed. Swift’s strong beliefs pushed him to write satire to try and help Ireland. Swift’s satire consisted of many “modest theories.” For example, you may have heard people talk about overpopulation. You may have your own theories about it, but what about eating children? In this instance, Jonathan Swift used his form of humor, also known as satire, to get his point across, in which wrote a pamphlet called “A Modest Proposal,” a mockery for the ideas of how to deal with overpopulation. “Satire is a technique employed by writers to…show more content…
Talking about controversial topics in humorous ways could help these topics be discussed easily. Swift uses Satire to get his point across about how ridiculous people were being with their theories of overpopulation. One of his most famous uses of satire is in his pamphlet “A Modest Proposal”. “A Modest Proposal” is a pamphlet highlighting an overpopulation and poverty problem in Ireland. Swift’s “modest” proposal began by lamenting the sad fate of the poverty stricken Irish who have to spend all their time looking for food to give to their starving children. Luckily, Swift found a way to put these children to good use: raise them as food for the wealthy citizens (Shmoop Editorial Team). Swift points out that it may be easier for the mother if they had money instead of an obnoxious child. Swift said that people’s only suggestion would be that less people would occupy Ireland. He even stated that he of course would have no bias because his children were too old to gain prophet for eating. The best part, Swift points out, is that the children being sold will give the economy a boost. Other benefits stated by the
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