A Modest Proposal To Reduce Teen Suicide

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Through an analysis of data, on why teens commit suicide, it has been shown that those teens were uneducated on how to cope with their problems and their own self worth in the world. Suicide comes from many factors. It comes from a whirlwind of negative things happening, piling up on oneself, then soon falling over on the person causing them to become emotionally drained down to the core. At this point the only way of responding to end their pain is by committing suicide. Although, there are already so many organizations to help with depressed individuals who have thoughts of themselves committing suicide the congress itself is not doing enough to reduce teen suicide rates. The congress needs to increase the education on suicide awareness…show more content…
Teen suicide is a major concern today. Getting a call saying a loved one has passed away from he or she committing suicide or even hearing a story of a complete stranger taking his or her own life is one of the most devastating things to hear. Every year about twenty percent of teens think about killing themselves. Out of that twenty percent at least ten percent of the people attempt on killing themselves. When people have the mindset of ending their lives it is not just an impulsive decision. It is a matter of thoughts, feelings, and anything that he or she may grow depressed about weighing on them and growing the mental make-up of them not being worthy anymore. Many leading causes to suicide is having some kind of mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse, serious case of depression, or even family suicidal history. Suicide is the second leading cause of death from ages fifteen to twenty four. Although people in their later ages are more successful with carrying out their suicide plan the younger attempt suicide more often than the elder. Because of this it is important that we are educating teens on how to cope with their
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