A Moment Of Redemption In James Baldwin's Sonny

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Both the narrator and Sonny have experienced upsetting events that have made them into who they are. Sonny was a drug addict that went to prison but found himself through music and the narrator broke his promise to his mother but restores the relationship with his brother, which renews the promise he had made. A moment of redemption happens in the story when the two brothers are saved during Sonny’s jazz show. For Sonny, his moment of redemption happens through the music he is playing. Although his brother thinks it is silly for him to be so involved in it, this is Sonny’s way of battling his demons. He is basically able to put his heart and soul into music rather than putting his time into drugs and other corrupt things. For the narrator, his salvation comes a little differently.…show more content…
Adriana Teran and Aaron Suduiko describe it as this, “More dramatically, the narrator’s moment of redemption occurs while finally listening to his brother play; Sonny’s music allows him to understand his brother’s struggles and through them understand his own.” As the narrator is listening to his brother’s music, he is finally understanding his brother’s passion for music, therefore, this is a moment of restoration between the brother’s
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