A Monster In Tupac Shakus

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Music has this strange power that allows it to affect society. Both the melody and the song meaning allow us to connect to something intangible. However, sometimes the songs we listen to can have unexpected effects. Song artists that use their form of expression to motivate others and try to push for a positive change are regarded as muses, while those who use their songs to express rational for bad choices and promote bad choices in doing so are considered a monster. To illustrate, multiple times a day, one will listen to various songs that carry different meanings, ultimately influencing him in many different ways. Tupac Shakur is considered a muse as he empowers others through their struggles and creates a change in those doing wrong, while Robin Thicke symbolizes a monster as he encourages ill behaviors such as rape. Tupac Shakur acts as a muse as he empowers others through their struggles and tries to create a change in those doing wrong. In his song, “Keep Ya Head Up,” Tupac informs listeners that people need to start looking out for one another. In the beginning of the song, Tupac questions the treatment some women recieve as he sings, “Why we rape our women, do we hate our women? / I think it 's time to kill for our women / So will the real men get up?” (17-18, 24) Here, Tupac addresses some controversial perceptions of women as his rhetorical questions, that women themselves cannot ask, express his confusion and his plea for a sudden change. By asking for the ‘real

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