A More Beautiful Question Analysis

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What makes a question “good”? With 7.125 billion people in the world, there are many questions being asked, but what differentiates these questions between ordinary and extraordinary? Is it that some only have one answer such as what the date is or is it because it takes knowledge to understand what the question is asking. Every question can be interpreted in many different ways; therefore every person will have their own standard of what makes a question “good”. After reading Warren Berger’s book, A More Beautiful Question, it is clear that while there is no single thing can define a question as good or bad, there are some factors that can influence a person’s opinion. Reading this book made me realize how easily we accept things without ever questioning them. As we grow up, we grow out of the stage where we question everything we see or hear. This might be because we are learning things in school or have access to it on the Internet; however, it is at this point when we start to accept being complacent with the easy answer. Three questions that stood out to me while reading were; “what can a question do?; why are you climbing the mountain?; and, what if…show more content…
What can a question do? A question causes people to find an answer; however, is that all it can do. Instead of thinking about it as what can a question do, I interpreted the question as asking, “What power do questions possess?” Once the meaning of a question is clarified it opens many doors to figuring out what the answer is. Why is Berger’s question a good question? His inquiry is good because it leads us to question what we have easily accepted in the past. Instead of looking deeper into what a question can do and finding out that questions have a “mind opening effect” (18) one might have simply accepted that questions find us
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