A Multicultural State

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There is no use denying the fact that society of any state is not homogenous. It is comprised of a great number of different people who have their mentalities and beliefs. However, there is one thing which unites all these people. It is the national idea, the thing which determines the appearance of certain values and priorities within the nation. That is why, for a multicultural state it is extremely vital to create the basis for beneficial l and efficient coexistence of different groups of people. Thus, a great number of different countries have a period in their history which can be characterized by the process of accepting certain laws, which create legal basis for collaboration between different groups of people under the influence of…show more content…
Since the discovery of American continent, thousands of Europeans started to colonized this land. They brought their customs and beliefs, creating a unique society which were formed under the influence of different European values. Moreover, millions of black people who were brought here as slaves, also contributed to the development of mentality greatly, adding a great number of certain peculiarities. Moreover, no one should forget about
Indians who had lived here long before Europeans came to these lands. That is why, combination of all these people their beliefs and points of view led to the appearance of a great number of approaches towards the issue of human rights and the main idea which should be the most important one in American society. Under these conditions, the necessity of laws which could solve this problem became
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Under these conditions, immigration laws became an important step towards the development of the country. The thing is, that immigrants became a very important phenomenon in the life of the USA (Behrens para. 5). Especially significant this question became at the beginning of the 20th century when millions of people arrived in the country every year (Waters 1736). That is why, respond from the government to regulate this very process became quite logic and immigration laws which main aim was to satisfy the needs of people appeared. Moreover, Naturalization act of 1790 and some other acts were created in order to outline conditions under which a person could obtain the American citizenship ("First Congress. Sess. II. Ch.3" para.4). These laws became an important step in the development of the issue of citizenship in the USA. Finally, voting laws also influenced greatly on American society. For decades only white men were allowed to vote, while slaves and women were deprived of this possibility (Field 114). However, abolitionist and women rights movements, which appeared as the answer to this discrimination, made society to rethink its priorities and create voting laws which took into account needs of all layers of society and guaranteed them the right to
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