A Narrative About A Hero's Journey In 150 Words

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Chapter: 13 Epilogue 248. It 's been 248 months since mom and dad Died. I Am 24, darry is 40, soda is 26. 248. It 's been a long time, But I just don 't know why I still can 't get over it. They just didn 't deserve it. Soda and I are supposed to meet darry today. It 's been the first time in years since we saw each other in a long time. Soda and I have moved out. But darry liked it there so he stayed. I don 't know why. A lot of bad memories happened there, sometimes I just dont know whats up with him. I am supposed to meet soda at a grocery store.I realised I was late so I then kissed cheery goodbye and said bye to my kids, seven up, and BOB. I rode about 1 hour in my 1986 Honda Prelude. I had a map of where to go, but I still wasn 't
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