A Narrative Analysis Of Country Music

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overcomes it and starts to sing. This is where the editing starts to become more dramatic as it cuts in between the concert and the bar where Mooney is trying to get the radio turned up so her can publicity for her. The editing gives the illusion that Mooney may end up in a bar fight, but when the song ends

James 17 all is well. The editing in this scene helps the viewer understand Lynn’s fear of rejection and that if she goes up onstage everything in her life will never be the same again.
The sound in the scene is pretty normal sound. In the beginning we hear the cold winds to establishing it is winter. When we are taken into the concert scene we hear the bustle of the stage manager trying to get everyone in place while someone is singing on stage. All these sounds we believe because it is how we think a busy concert backstage should sound like. One bit of sound that was interesting is when Lynn is called to be onstage the sound drops really low as if to await her final decision. The sound picks back up as she comes back onstage and sings her song. The sound where Mooney is, in the diner, is loud and confusing. Mooney keeps asking for the radio to be turned up and no one seems to care. Eventually someone
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The elements all come together to make a film that inspired the viewers to take a new approach on how country music can change someone’s life. Stanley Kaufmann said it best that this movie is about how it captured the variedness of America because it showed how Americans were different culture all over the nation and yet it showed how us the music industry and it affected the culture at time when music had such a powerful impact on people. With filmmaking inspiring so much and igniting people during the 160s-70s, it is no wonder we study such great films so we can aspire and capture that essence of filmmakers before
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