A Narrative Essay About A Hero's Journey

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Emma sat anxiously at a table in the tavern keeping a sharp eye out for Hook, drumming her fingers on the table. She tried to stop herself from getting too excited every time the door opened, only to be disappointed every time she did not see the thick dark hair and shining blue eyes of the captain. She thought back on the past year, how her heart fluttered every time she saw what looked like a large ship sailing above her, wondering if perhaps Hook was at the helm. She hadn 't told her parents about her antics, luckily she had moved out of their undersea home and into her own cozy cove so they wouldn 't notice her day dreaming. She had excitedly counted down the days until the next highest tide, eager to hear Hook 's stories about life aboard his…show more content…
“Hook, you came!” she smiled widely. “Of course I came, I wasn 't going to miss seeing you for the world. Storms be damned,” he sat down across from her. “There was a storm?” she asked. “Aye but nothing my ship and my crew couldn 't handle, so tell me about your year. It must have been amazing traveling all over,” he leaned in, listening intently and Emma blanked. She tried to think off ways to rework her year with fins into a plausible story. “I explored everywhere that I could, large kingdoms and little hamlets. I mostly stayed by the coast if I could,” Emma hoped that her answer would satisfy him, “Tell me about your year, taking the high seas into the palm of your hand.” Hook launched into a tale about how he and his crew narrowly avoided capture by a king 's naval ship, taking with them more riches than they even knew what to do with. Emma laughed along and drank it all in. His face, his voice, the way he gestured this way and that while he talked, as if the story was too big to just be told with words, it needed to be told with his whole body. They caught up and talked for hours again, the candle burning low and soon they were the only two left in the tavern and Emma felt the familiar stinging sensation in
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