A Narrative Essay About Moving Away Analysis

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“SOLD”, read on top of the sign that used to read “FOR SALE,” I vividly remember the day when I came home from another day at school and I hesitantly read the sign planted in the ground outside of my house. And from that point on I knew that my life was about to change, and I was going to have to change with it, for the better or for the worst.
Thinking to myself I thought, “Everything and everyone that I have ever known from the 3rd grade up until the end of my sophomore year in high school is disappearing,” and I knew it was all turning into something that no longer had meaning where I was going. I felt like I was empty, abandoned, and lonely, as if I was a young child inside a Walmart and I had lost my parent. My attitude was a choice that I had to make about soon approaching situation, I could become pessimistic about the fact that I was leaving all of my friends or I could think about all of the new opportunities that were on my horizon, and for me the choice was easy.
A week or two passed and it was the first day of football
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It was the first time I had to overcome an obstacle like this and also it was very hard because of the timing of the move being right before the start of my junior year in high school. This experience was very beneficial for me as a person because it helped me relate to how others that may not have as many friends or are put into a new situation feel when they are forced out of their comfort zone. The mindset I went into this situation was that it was an opportunity for me to change into anyone I wanted to be and that was exciting for me. It helped me to improve my social skills in my new school in order to make all new friends and I know that these same skills will help me in the future for a job or going off to college where I will encounter the same obstacles as I was faced with when I moved to
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