A Narrative Essay On Being Unattractive

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From elementary school all the way to ninth grade I was bullied on multiple occasions for not looking apart of the in crowd. I was not as skinny as everyone else, I wore purple cricked glasses, my hair was always in a bun or a braid; I had a uni-brow, and my fashion sense was immature. As the result of the way I looked during those years I was labeled as unattractive, un-dateable, and that smart weird girl. As I got older and the more I heard these things I started to see myself as unattractive.
I also have a twin who was the complete opposite of me during those years. She was miss. Popular, everyone loved her, and everyone wanted either to be with her or be her. Constantly I’ll be stopped by people just to ask me questions about her or they would ask me for the answers to the math homework. On some occasions people would even ask me, “Why are you so ugly yet your twin is so attractive and is just so beautiful?” When I heard things like this it made me feel so ugly. People never remember my name only the fact that I was her twin and she looks better than I do. It is hard seeing my twin labeled as attractive whereas I am seen as this ugly creature, when we look just alike.
So, as I got older I tried to do things so I can be seen as attractive. I would barely eat so I can lose weight,
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But since I chose to listen to them and change myself to please them I now weigh 114 pounds, my closet is full of clothes are so revealing I don’t even want to wear them in my room, I wasted so much money on things that I didn’t need to make myself attractive, I can’t eat as much as I like because now it makes me sick if I try to eat more, and I’m just learning to love myself and see myself as an beautiful, smart, and great young women. It’s a sad thing to look back onto those years because if I learned to love myself the first time than I wouldn’t have spent so many years hating myself and hurting
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