A Narrative Essay On Christmas Break

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Christmas Break
As I saw the Twinkling lights on the christmas tree, the Christmas candles smell rush to my nose like buffalo running from a predator, and the cool, cloudy skies that make breezy wind chill I knew it was almost christmas break. I loved My Christmas break because of the Dallas Stars game, hanging out with my friends, spending time with my family, and opening tons of presents on Christmas Morning.
BEEEEP!!! As a car blasted its loud ear drum bursting horn at a stop light in Dallas Texas. The reason I was in Dallas was because I was going to see a Dallas Stars game. The Dallas Stars are a National Hockey League team, or NHL for short. They are my favorite team in the NHL. The Dallas Stars game was a spectacular present from my
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I go get up my Mother and brother, and bolt into the hallway. We have this tradition that we always take pictures in the long wooden hallway me and my brother hate it but it is fun sometimes.We zoom into the living room, and I see the presents under the Christmas tree I hear the crackling of the fireplace, and I smell the sausage balls in the oven. We always start with the stocking first. I now owned so many gum packets it is unreal, I believe I 15 packs of gum, as you can tell I love gum. Then we moved on to the presents that “Santa” gave us. I got some games, and alot of pop vinyls. Pop vinyls are these little collectible characters, and I love to collect them. Finally, we got to the presents that were from my Mother. I received the top video game on my list. I obtained Call of Duty World War II, I also got some socks and shirts, and some other gifts too. This year was probably the first year that I didn’t get a monstrous gift. I loved my Christmas, and spending time with my family.
I love Christmas, and I love christmas break. I get to have Christmas, spend time with family and friends, sometimes get to go to a Dallas Stars game. I also got to enjoy The scented candles, the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, and the cloudy skies that just make you feel that cold winter Christmas
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