A Narrative Essay On New Orleans

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I am from new orleans, louisiana, we do not keep calm, we laugh a lot and talk loud, we wave our hands, we love our good food, our good music, and our good times. We?ve been through hell and back, but we still carry on. Our music our food and our good times mean a lot to us. I am a southern girl who loves cajun food and great music.
There are many things that can define my culture. Things like the food I eat, the way I speak, the music I listen too, the events I celebrate, etc. In my household, we mostly eat cajun food and seafood. In new orleans, this type of food is very popular. The music I listen too also defines my culture. I like music that is loud, with a beat too it. In new orleans, loud music is all we listen too. Not only do we like our music loud, but the people are loud also.
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My family and I celebrate the normal events such as christmas, thanksgiving, new years, halloween, etc. we also celebrate an event that was started in new orleans, it is called Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is held for the entire month of February, and there is no school. It 's basically a huge parade and they throw out beads, candy, and other things. There is a bunch of places in Mardi Gras called the French Quarter. It 's not really for anyone under 18, and I wish I had knew that before I went. I was not aware of the things that were on the French Quarter, and now I seen things I shouldn 't have. Celebrities sometimes come and walk through the parade. Every time I 've been to Mardi Gras, I 've seen a celebrity. Almost every adult there is drunk and loud. It 's just a celebration where the entire state of new Orleans and others from around the world get together and have a
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