A Narrative Essay On When I Came To America

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Attentively, I listened as my grandma began to poor out her life long story to me. At the end of World War II, she had come as an immigrant from Germany with her family when she was only a little younger than I . Then she got her citizenship and raised her family here in America. This story I had known all too well, but until now I had always hesitated to bring up the topic in fear of the asking too much. To my brother and I, she was our Oma. As her granddaughter she had always gone out of her way to care for me when I was sick, tired, or sad with a smile on her face. With her caring sightless eyes, she always provided our family with support, whether she was saving a spot for us at church or baking her famous German chocolate cake. A couple…show more content…
In addition to all the people who came to support their family and friends, news crews, judges, and politicians came to cover the event. The overwhelming amount of people surprisingly added to the joyful feeling in the air. As we shyly passed out flags to each of the a hundred soon to be citizen, we realized that this was an event none of us could have anticipated. The anthem was sung, the flag was raised, and immigrants who had already gotten their citizenship talked about their path to become one. One man discussed his six year struggle to America to escape religious persecution from his country and his own family. Another discussed how her citizenship meant being reunited with her family after years of separation. As many shared their stories, the smiling faces from the crowd briefly shifted to sympathetic stares. The majority of the immigrants were fully aware of what it took for them to be where they were that day. Many of the speakers had already worked hard enough to shed their poverty and begin living the American Dream. As Judge Sarah Barker continued leading the ceremony with her heartfelt speech, their smiles returned when she said, “You should know this - you're welcome here, you're welcome
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