A Narrative Of A Homeless Person Essay

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There was this one time in Tucson, Arizona, Driving around town with my whole family, besides my dad. Which he was far too busy with his job at IHS and had to work and meetings until late that night. We just got done watching a movie, had two enormous boxes of popcorn, along with one drink with coca cola in it, can’t exactly remember what movie it was. Anyway, we all were driving around having a good time, my mom was telling us jokes and telling stories. I was around five or six years of age, in 1st grade at a school called Roosevelt Elementary. It was on a Friday night around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. We had just stopped at this gas station, had my mom fill up our old blue Suburban; which we had for about 7-8 years at the time. So after we drove around, we parked and told even more jokes for awhile. There was this one homeless man we saw while we were parked, didn’t think too much of it him at the time we had seen him. He had a small cart with pop cans and old dirty clothes by a Shell gas station. He was a medium to big individual with a coat and light blue jeans on with a Diamonds back cap. We had our windows rolled down so he thought we were gonna give him money or food. Well, he ended up asking for some popcorn from my brother Caleb. Consequently, Caleb seemed scared so he didn’t want to give up a handful of popcorn…show more content…
My mother said “go ahead give the man some popcorn”. Caleb offered him some by holding it out for him. I guess he didn’t know that we were only offering him a handful of popcorn. Therefore, the homeless man said “thank you” and grabbed the whole box of popcorn and walked off with a big ole smile. In shock, but laughter at the same time, we just drove off to go home talking about it the whole ride home. The next day we had told our dad about what had happened yesterday night after the

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