Graduation Speech: Creating Your Future

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Creating Your Future When presented with the topic of “Creating Your Future”, a whirlwind of ideas filled my head of what ways I could deliver this speech and which angles I could present to most thoroughly represent my viewpoints on this topic. Today, I have chosen to focus on a specific scenario that could not only make, but break someone’s entire future depending on how the situation at hand is handled. In 2015 the teen birth rate in North Carolina was 21.8 per 1000 teenage girls, placing North Carolina at a Ranking of 22nd out of all 50 states. This is the equivalent of 229,715 babies were born to women aged 15–19 years, and these are only statistics based on reported, and live birthings in teenage mothers. How many other pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions, or other solutions other than a live birth at a hospital do you think happened within that same year. Though teenage pregnancies have declined over the past 20 years by more than 8%, it is still a prevalent issue. Using this opportunity to bring awareness is what I have choosen to focus on today in terms of Creating a Future. 40% of teenage mothers finish high school and…show more content…
3 out of 5 teenage pregnancies end in abortion. Many choose this option because they feel they aren’t ready to become a parent themselves, or they are simply too worried about what their own parents and family members would think so they choose to handle the issue on their own. I am not here today to speak for or against abortion. But, out of the multitude of other options, from open or closed adoption, to keeping the baby, to safe houses for teenage mothers, other alternatives are available and these other opportunities need to be presented to these teen mothers just as heavily as abortion is. Most girls view abortion as the only way out because it is the most discussed and obtains most of the spotlight of teen

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