A Nice Cup Of Tea George Orwell Analysis

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Evolution. Evolution was a notion theorized by Charles Darwin to understand how one species can become another animal in a matter of a few generations, or how animals develop tiny changes within their body to adapt to their environment. As humans continue to advance into the realm of technology, we find ourselves in a path of our own evolution. Evolving in every minute aspect there is. For example, we have developed medicinal treatments to treat diseases or conditions that were once thought as incurable. We have also allowed for an easier method for consuming food. Transitioning from the creation of delicacies from hand to allow machinery and technology to take over has allowed us take food ‘off our plates’. Although this path has been very beneficial, it has lead us to stray away from the roots of which we grew from and lean towards the conveniences of today. Throughout A Nice Cup of Tea, George Orwell strives to address how the advancement of civilization has created a decrease in the appreciation of forgotten delicacies. Authors use rhetoric in multifarious situations in order to shift the reader’s perspective regarding a specific topic or subject in…show more content…
The entire piece constructed by Orwell is specific directions instructing how to create tea. One key aspect can be seen through the statement, “Here are my own eleven rules, every one of which I regard as golden.” Through this statement, it is evident that Orwell is the author of the piece through his use of I to indicate the first person; however, throughout the writing, the essay instead of being read as a first person narrative ends up connecting personally to the reader. This is crucial to the development of his purpose because not only is he expressing his voice, but ends up also expressing his opinion on how to create tea the traditional

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