A Night Divided Book Analysis

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Overall, A Night Divided was a fantastic book! I definitely suggest it to anyone above the age of nine years old. A Night Divided was written by Jennifer A. Nielsen, and the genre is historical fiction, I have read many books over the course of twelve years and this book was definitely one of my favorites! A Night Divided is about a girl named Gerta being seperated from her family overnight, and escaping to the other side of the Berlin Wall to them. Gerta and her older brother, Fritz, take it upon themselves to build a tunnel secretly under an abandoned building that is in between the Berlin Wall’s two sides, along the way there are many plot twists, close calls, surprising events, and alot of action on every page. This of the book takes place…show more content…
Gerta is very confident, naive, headstrong, and fierce. She never lost hope in building the tunnel. I somewhat consider myself to be a lot like Gerta, like her, I am confident, headstrong, fierce, and maybe a little naive. Throughout the story Gerta becomes a lot smarter and she definitely gets more mature. I would consider Gerta a dynamic character because like I said previously, she undergoes some changes to her personality. Another character in the book is Fritz. Fritz is Gerta’s older brother and he is very smart, clever, and mature, Gerta and Fritz are very close. Gerta cares very much about Fritz and Fritz cares even more about Gerta. In the exposition of the story they start with news about the wall, when the townsfolk woke up to see that a wall had been built to divide East, and West Berlin and the reactions from the people. Here is an example from the story, “ There was no warning the night the wall went up. I awoke to sirens screaming throughout my city of East…show more content…
I know that the story is very close to wrapping up at this point because finishing the tunnel is one of the main focuses in the story, and when a main focus in a story is resolved, you know the book is coming to an end. The problem of the entire story is solved when Gerta, Fritz, Gerta’s mother, Anna, Anna’s mother and father, and lastly the wife of Muller, (I know, it’s a long story, I guess you’ll have to read the book!) escape to the West side of the wall. This is the resolution to the story because, like I said before, it is mainly the only thing that Gerta talks about any more to Fritz, and her mother. And in addition, it seems like Gerta is as happy as can be when they all escape to the other side of the wall. The theme of this story is definitely gaining freedom. This story is overall about a family that is being held apart, due to Gerta, Fritz, and their mother being held on the East side of the wall. And all anybody wants in this story is get back to being able to decide on their own what they wanted to do for the day, in other words, they want their lives back, they want to gain back their
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