A Normal Day In My Life Essay

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It was a normal day in the school, I was talking with Brooklyn, he is my best friend since we were like 5 years old, he is like my brother. “I have a big house in Ohio where we can stay a couple days on vacations when school is over, we can invite some friends” I said. Brooklyn said it was ok, but he had to ask to his parents first. After school we went to Brooklyn´s house to ask to his parents if he could go in vacations with me to Ohio. His parents gave him permission, so that day I slept in his house to plan out what we were gonna do like which friends we were gonna invite and what kind of food we were gonna buy. Next day we were about going to our last day of school when my parents called me to say me that I only could invite 10 friends…show more content…
Then we went to my house for the same thing, my parents gave me the key of the house and then we went to H-E-B to buy the food and drinks, we bought some chips and some sodas. After that, when we were arriving to the house we saw a strange man walking around, we didn´t pay attention to him. Finally, we arrived to the house and we began to prepare everything for the party we remembered we forgot something, the swimsuits, when we realized that we had to go to the nearest store there that was about 1 hour to get there. When we were going to the car we saw the man we saw when we were arriving. We asked him if he needed something, he told us he was only walking around because he had nothing to do in his house. After 1 hour of road, we arrive to the store to buy the swimsuits and a sunscreen. Then we had to drive to the house again! When we got there we found that some things in the house weren´t where we left them, we thought it was the wind, so we put the things in place again. We were finishing to put the place in order when we heard a sound from the kitchen, so we ran fast there and there was everything in place. When we turned around we saw the man we had been seeing
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